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Treatment services will include but are not limited to: 

• Mental Health Counseling, Individual &


• Intensive family engagement and active

involvement of both residents and family in

case planning and decision making

• Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)

• Targeted Case Management

• Intensive Home-Based Services

• Interventions to Stabilize Behavior 

• Intensive Treatment Interventions 

• Medication Support Services

• Crisis Stabilization Intervention Services 

• Partner around community interventions

and collaborative service delivery 

• Rehabilitation Individual & Groups: 

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Counseling       

• Education supports, including

extracurricular social supports

• Transition support services for residents,

Families and other significant support


• Transition to Adulthood Support Services

• Permanency Support Services

• Follow-up Aftercare Services and Support

to successfully maintain youth and

non-minor dependents in the community


Fields Comprehensive Youth Services (FCYS) is a Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program that serves male youth and non-minor dependents (Residents). The population we serve ranges in ages of 13-21. FCYS accepts referrals from the Child Welfare and Probation Department.


FCYS’s  purpose is to meet the developmental, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of their residents. 


FCYS service population include, but are not limited to the following: 


• Victims of Sexual Abuse

• Victims of Physical and Emotional Abuse

• Youth suffering from a Mental Health and

Substance Use Disorders

• Non-Minor Dependents

• Extremely Violent Youth

• Cognitively Low Functioning Youth with

Mental Health and Behavioral Health Issues 

• Youth that require Special Medical and

Health Care Needs

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